About US

Launched in early 2009, Thailand Political Database (TPD) is a non-governmental project dedicated to increase awareness and understanding of politics and its development in Thailand. TPD was formed as a result of the consultative dialogues between public organizations and civil society organizations participated in public monitoring and verification. Through unmatched information management and data analysis, TPD provides political data, which include politicians’ profiles, political activities, electoral data, political campaigns and public policies, to its members and public citizens. Particularly, our site offers comprehensive profiles of people in the government and politics which include Members of Parliament, Cabinet of Ministers, high-ranking government officials, along with information about political parties, civic organizations and business corporations affiliated in Thailand’s political sphere. Based on political neutrality and justice, TPD applies ethical, academic and research approaches in the collection, analysis, synthesis and dissemination of political data. The information on our site is provided with references while ensuring confidentiality of our sources of information. At the same time, analyses of political data and public policies are based on neutral viewpoints.